Albert Einstein Academies, the first authorized public charter schools with a K-8 International Baccalaureate continuum in San Diego, educates children to thrive and contribute as active thinkers in the world.



Albert Einstein Academies nurtures, cultivates, and inspires multilingual, critical thinkers who are well-rounded, responsible, global citizens uniquely prepared to thrive, lead, and create positive change in the 21st century.

Core Values

The following Core Values guide our day-to-day actions and decisions:

  • Inspire a thirst for lifelong learning.
  • Model personal responsibility while holding ourselves to the highest standards of conduct.
  • Foster international mindedness with an understanding of world cultures and languages.
  • Promote and sustain a healthy global environment.
  • Foster a desire to care for and serve others.
  • Appreciate the importance of working together for common purposes.
  • We believe that by teaching children how to think, rather than what to think, will prepare them to lead positive change in our world.


Core Strategies

These Core Strategies will guide AEA decision-making and priority actions over the next five years.  An Annual Strategic Review will be conducted each year to modify or adjust actions to ensure Albert Einstein Academies remain solvent, relevant and fulfill the Mission, Vision and Core Values.


  • Communication and messaging:  Implement a clear, effective communication plan.
  • Student Support:  Provide a comprehensive system of support for students at all levels of achievement.
  • Growth Plan:  Implement a long-range growth plan for AEA including enrollment, facilities and financial solvency.
  • Language Acquisition:  Strengthen language acquisition in English and world languages, with emphasis on German.
  • Enrichment Programs & Curriculum:  Strengthen fine arts and enrichment opportunities for all students.
  • Cultural Competency:  Strengthen community-wide awareness and sensitivity to cultural diversity.